Waterborne TechnologyProducts which contain resins created chemically. Typically, these products are non-yellowing, and the primary solvent is water.
Zip-Guard<sup>®</sup> Heritage Wood Stain image

Zip-Guard® Heritage Wood Stain.

Zip-Guard® Heritage Wood Stain is a professional quality, water-based, pigmented wood stain. It is recommended for all wood types. Color-fast, non-settling pigments produce excellent contrast of grain patterns while reducing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections in soft woods. Application is easy using a painter's pad, soft cloth, lamb's wool applicator, foam brush, bristle brush or sponge mop. Because this stain is very low odor and non-toxic when dry, it is excellent for all interior projects including furniture, floors, cabinets and any woodwork. Fast drying (6 hours) combined with soap and water clean-up add to the convenience of Zip-Guard Heritage Wood Stain. It is available in 8 non-fading tones: Early American, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Red Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Classic Cherry and Antique Cherry.

Available in half-pints, quarts, and gallons. A half-pint covers 25-40 square feet. A quart covers 100-150 square feet. A gallon covers 400-600 square feet.
120 VOC Formula
code   sheen / type size case pack
225101 Product Photo Early American Gal. 2
225104 Product Photo Not Available Early American Qt. 6
225201 Product Photo Walnut Gal. 2
225204 Product Photo Not Available Walnut Qt. 6
225301 Product Photo Dark Walnut Gal. 2
225304 Product Photo Not Available Dark Walnut Qt. 6
225401 Product Photo Red Oak Gal. 2
225404 Product Photo Not Available Red Oak Qt. 6
225501 Product Photo Golden Oak Gal. 2
225504 Product Photo Not Available Golden Oak Qt. 6
225601 Product Photo Mahogany Gal. 2
225604 Product Photo Not Available Mahogany Qt. 6
225701 Product Photo Classic Cherry Gal. 2
225704 Product Photo Not Available Classic Cherry Qt. 6
225801 Product Photo Antique Cherry Gal. 2
225804 Product Photo Not Available Antique Cherry Qt. 6